IDG is a global digital collectibles company specialized in content creation of NFTs, Memorabilia and Fan Experience. We are THE PLACE where digital collectors meet. IDG is driven by innovation with a solid footprint in intellectual property rights focused on NFTs.

We engage the Fans and operate in the following areas:
Live Events
Private Collections


IDG’s mission is to become the global leader in Sports & Entertainment Digital Collectables. Our digital ecosystem empowers our customers to explore an unique and protected platform, leading them to an fun collector’s journey with exclusive content.

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IDG has teams working 24/7 in the United States, Brazil and Europe

Our team is based in Los Angeles (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), Lisbon (Portugal) and Lausanne (Switzerland)

Expertise in Intellectual Property Rights

IDG Legal team has international experience in image rights, copyrights, licensing, trademark, and negotiation.

Dedicated customization of content and development of digital libraries

Exclusive content creation focusing on preserving our client’s history with our cool designs and modern touch.

Up to date with the latest digital trends

IDG innovates constantly. We love researching and testing new things all the time. Our curiosity and creativity are key to our success.

Fast growing community + global reach

A unique team of music and sports stars ready to share their best moments with you!

Transparent communication

Full clear and transparent communication with our clients and fans in multiple languages.

Fair business model approach

Our licensees are satisfied with our business model and competitive royalty’s fee + incentives.

Investment in Marketing and Promotion

IDG is a true partner. We sponsor events, stars, and love to help promoting our licensee’s brands. We help our clients grow their fanbase and brand value.

At IDG, are all collectors, and we know what collectors like to collect

We are hard core collectors, and we value preserving the history and legacy of our idols. Collectors are great friends and storytellers. Be one of us!

Trustworthy, Sustainable and Hearted oriented

IDG is a reputable company, driven by passion and heart. We work with eco-friendly blockchain.